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A subscription service with Australia-wide telehealth consultations and no referral required.

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We connect you with our qualified doctors to provide suitable therapies, allowing you to get treatment fast.

There are no upfront fees, you only pay for your treatment plan if approved.

We handle all appointments and applications on your behalf, making us 100% commitment free.

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Access Telehealth appointments when it suits you, Australia wide.

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  • In-depth health review and personalised treatment
  • Compassionate care
  • Online prescription filling and express delivery
  • No referral required
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What's included in a Dispensed subscription?

Monthly natural therapy subscription

If considered appropriate, one of our specialists will customise a treatment program to suit your individual needs.

Medicine express-delivered to your door

We make the process fast & simple. Medicine is express-delivered in discreet packaging directly to your door every month.

An ongoing treatment programme

We take the hassle out of doctors consultations and handle all applications on your behalf. All appointments are online with no referral required.

Premium clinician and care team support

We educate our patients on effective medicine use and are passionate and committed to your continuity of care.

Australia's Easiest to Use Online Platform

Forget clinic visits. Forget expensive specialist fees. Forget dragging wait times. Gain access to industry leading doctors here today.

We have developed the technology to allow clinicians to prescribe products, tailored to your needs.

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3 Simple Steps


Medical Questionnaire

Get started by answering a few questions to ensure you are eligible for treatment.


Doctor Assessment & Approval

One of our experienced specialists will review your submission. The most suitable treatment will be determined and provided within 24-48 hours.


Medication Delivered

One of our partner pharmacies will have your prescription filled and express delivered to your door.

Answers to Your Questions

What is Dispensed?

Dispensed is Australia's easiest to use online platform which links you to our highly trained clinicians. After a quick initial patient questionnaire, our doctors will assess your eligibility and facilitate a custom treatment plan to suit your needs.

We are extremely passionate about not only changing the Australian landscape for alternative patient-centred therapies but also making your life with ailment that little bit easier.

Why use Dispensed?

We have an offering that others do not. We connect you with our qualified natural therapy clinicians, offering treatment to those eligible.

  • Free initial & on-going assessments & consultations

  • No approval or prescribing charges

  • Free follow-up care and support

  • No lock-in contracts

  • A personalised integrative approach to provide you with the best treatment plan, fast and simple from the comfort of your home.

How much does it cost to get started?

Getting started with Dispensed is $0.

Unlike others, we do not charge for any initial consultations or application fees as we believe everyone deserves to have access to the best care.

We have built our platform to guarantee we act as the most affordable in providing alternative therapies to those eligible.

How much does the medication cost?

The cost of the medication will range from patient to patient, depending on the condition, frequency and severity of symptoms experienced.

One month treatment can start from $150, with all our treatment options facilitated monthly at no extra cost, ever!

All our treatment options are facilitated monthly at no extra charge following your first month of treatment.

This includes your personalised treatment express delivered to your door,  follow-up consultations and ongoing healthcare/assessment from our team of health professionals. The cost of your clinician consultations and medicinal treatment are all included in one easy monthly payment.

How do I book an appointment with a clinician?

All you need to do is fill out the Health Evaluation Form here.

You can select your consultation time once you’ve completed your form.

A clinician will assess the answers to your form and contact you at the scheduled time to discuss and determine eligibility, before recommending and prescribing a suitable treatment plan. As an existing patient, you will have access to your personal dashboard, where you also have the ability to book consultations where needed, at no extra cost.

How long is the treatment?

Our treatments last for as long as you need them.

Your clinician can attain a better understanding of the effectiveness of treatment at least 30 days after starting therapy.

Therapy can be tailored accordingly and monitored monthly by assessing your response to treatment.

Changes can be made without any hassle and at no extra cost.

What is the cancellation policy?

No lock-in contracts. No hidden fees.

You can choose to opt-out of our service at any time, for whatever reason, without any hidden fees.

We guarantee you are not tied to any contract and have the freedom to be in control of the decisions you choose to make with your health and therapy.

Take the test and discover if you're eligible. We do the rest.

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