Community Guidelines

Hey there, Dispensed Community!

Okay, we want to chat about keeping our community respectful, friendly and just downright awesome here at Dispensed. We get it, sometimes things don’t go as planned and that can lead to disappointment. But don’t be down, we're all about finding solutions and making our service even better than before.

Now we've set some Community Guidelines and we're counting on everyone in the Dispensed ecosystem, whether you're part of our stellar team, a patient, a potential future patient or even our suppliers to be on board and follow the guidelines:

Respectful Behaviour: We're big fans of our patients opening up, being honest with us and letting us know both what we’re doing great and what we might be able to improve on. But let’s keep it friendly! No insults, personal attacks, abusive or aggressive behaviour of any kind will be tolerated. Show respect to everyone in the Dispensed community, no matter who you are communicating with.

Anti-Bullying & Harassment: We do not have time to humour trolls! Let's keep this community free from any bullying, teasing or any form of intimidation tactic. We're all here to help each other and cultivate a positive community.

Embracing Diversity: We are inclusive and invite people from all walks of life to join our community! Let's respect each other's quirks and differences. None of that racism, sexism, or any other "ism" business, it has no place here.

Ethical Conduct: Laws and rules are there for a reason. Fraudulent behaviour such as impersonation, defamatory actions, false information or documentation are all types of conduct which are strictly prohibited by Dispensed. That means no funny business as in no fraud, no spreading rumours and no sharing anything that's not PG. Let's keep this space, honest and factual.

Now, if someone breaks these Community Guidelines, unfortunately we won't hesitate to remove them from our platform indefinitely.

Thanks for being part of the Dispensed community and helping us keep the space positive, welcoming and inclusive.